Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to prepare for my first appointment?

Before you meet with one of our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals, consider what you hope to accomplish by visiting a financial planner. What are your financial priorities? Do you want to plan for retirement? Do you have children who will be attending college? Are you interested in estate planning? Clearly determining your financial priorities will help our planners gain a better understanding of your situation and the type of services that you may be interested in. After prioritizing your goals, prepare any information that will help our planners get a better picture of your financial situation.

What type of information should I bring to the meeting?

Any information that you can provide our team either ahead of time, or during the meeting will be helpful as they review your financial situation and gain a better understanding of your goals.

  • Any account statements
  • 401K statements and any plan documents you may have
  • Most recent tax return
  • Any current estate planning document; trusts, wills, POA's etc.

What can I expect during my first appointment?

During your first meeting, our planners will spend time getting to know you and learning what you hope to accomplish. We want to become familiar with your situation and answer your questions. We explain our services and the value a financial advisor can provide, as well as the fees you may pay if you decide to work together. Our planners will review the next steps based on the type of services you are interested in, and will work with you to prepare a plan.